Being Creative With Your Business Cards

A business card is more than just a few contact details on a piece of cardboard. In fact, a smart businessperson can use their business card as both a marketing tool, a sample of your professionalism, and even a gift. How? Read on and you'll find out.

Think to yourself, how can I get people to keep my business card and look at it often? The first option is to not even get a business card as most people do - try a gimmick that sets your card aside from the rest. Like having it printed on a magnet, for example, so that your card is always close by whenever the client needs it. If you were a refrigerator repairman or a real estate agent, printing a few thousand magnetic business cards and giving them out to people in your neighborhood is smart thinking, being as most people will put those on their fridge and see them every day.

Failing that, use your business card as a brochure, by pinning it on noticeboards, leaving it at restaurants, offering it to people when they ask for a slip of paper to write a phone number down. Any opportunity should be a good one to slip someone your card, or leave it somewhere that people will see it.

Of course, you don't want to be pushy with it. Generally, in a business situation, it's best to ask someone if they have a card before slipping them yours. Just shoving your card in their face often comes across as rude, and that's not exactly the impression you should be going for.

If you're at a convention, why not replace the nametag they give you to wear around with your business card? It has your name, title and company on it, so why be like everyone else when you can stand out from the crowd and show your flashy card in the process?

When handing out a card, if the person you're giving it to has other employees working with them, offer to give them a handful to share with their colleagues. Chances are they'll take a few, and you never know how much business will follow.

Many times, a company that is in a similar, but not competing, business as yours will be quite happy to give out your card as a referral for their own clients, especially if you'll do the same for them. For example, if you ran a plumbing supply business, you might keep a stock of cards from a local plumbing company handy in case someone comes in looking for professional assistance, while that same company might keep cards handy for people looking for quick supplies.

If you can't afford to have a great looking logo designed by a professional, the next best option (and far less expensive) is to use a full color background image instead. At, we provide over 10,000 full color background images to choose from, hundreds of which are bound to relate to your business. They look great, and they don't cost the earth!

Whenever you send a letter to someone, be sure to include your business card in the envelope. If that letter gets tossed out eventually, at least you know the card will be put to good use. Likewise, put one of your cards in with every product you ship out.

Your business card can quite often be used as a base for a newspaper or classified ad. Simply send in the card to the paper and tell them to print it, same size, thereby saving yourself a lot of money in design costs.

Make sure you include a website address if you have one, otherwise you may be missing a great opportunity to send people to your online web presence. Thankfully, the online design template system features an extra text option for just such a thing.

Lastly, never ever hand out a worn or torn business card to a client. It might seem like a waste, but you're better off letting the dead ones go. Happy printing!