Business Cards with Added Value

September 15th, 2012 by admin

Can a humble business card become the gift that keeps on giving? Sure it can – with a little creativity.

  • QR Codes
    QR (Quick Response) codes are “UPC – The Next Generation.” These little blocks of seemingly unintelligible code are irresistible to smart phone users. A quick scan can take customers to your website for a list of your social networking profiles, special hidden offers, or exclusive content.
  • Coupons
    The flip side of your business card is prime territory for a coupon that never expires. Offer a discount for your product or service, a free gift with the mention of a keyword, or an extra incentive for referrals.
  • Make It About You
    Flip-side business card space is the perfect place to engage your customers in what you do – and what you love. A quick-reference chart for restaurant tipping could be an opportunity for your customer to handle your card over and over again. A simple, delicious recipe will be a reminder of your restaurant or catering business every time the customer prepares it (which means you may want to invest a little extra for a splat-resistant, laminate coating on your cards!).
  • Make It About Them
    Think about what you do. Is there a charity or cause that’s related to your business that will engage a customer’s interest? Say you run a pet grooming service. On the back of your card, you could print a list of pet adoption agencies and free spay/neuter clinics. Your passion for healing can be reflected in a link for customers to sponsor you for the next Race for the Cure walk, a number to find a local blood bank, or a resource to help a food pantry.

Where in the World Is…
Make tracking your business card’s journey a collaborative project. With the help of an online geo-social mapping application, smart phone or regular online users can tell you where they found the business card you slipped into an airline magazine or tucked into a take-one-leave-one book bin in the airport lounge.

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