TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012

Business Card Etiquette

Rituals surrounding the exchange of business cards can provide the perfect opportunity to impress your international business associates—or it might be the cultural faux pas that costs you a potential client. Make sure your business card etiquette reflects your meticulous preparation. Korean Business Card Etiquette Never toss a pile of your cards onto the table, […]

SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

Integrating Business Cards with Technology: LinkedIn’s CardMunch App

Technology advances at the speed of the latest microchip. Everything’s smaller, lighter, and more portable. Some business practices never go out of style, though—a firm handshake, good customer service, and the good old-fashioned business card. There are a few ways to make your business cards a vital link to your online social and business networking […]

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012

Introduce Your Originality with Business Card Ideas

Creating beautiful, classic business cards has never been faster or easier than it is now. Our do-it-yourself options let you make all the decisions to suit your individual preferences. No need to settle for a generic business card when you have the ability to choose from a wide array of designs, including your own artwork. […]

MONDAY, MARCH 05, 2012

Staying Power with Magnetic Business Cards

A business card will bring you success if you can ensure that it is seen often. However, cards are all too often stashed in a drawer or hidden in a wallet.  For the highest chance of visibility, consider our magnetic business cards that adhere readily to any metal surface. Attached to a refrigerator, they will […]


Your Name Sticks With Adhesive Business Cards

When you need a business card that is fully customized, original and versatile, our adhesive business cards are the perfect choice for anyone. Always eco-friendly and environmentally safe, we know you care about the planet even when promoting your important business. Soy products produce beautiful results without harmful chemicals and tell your customers you are […]


Soy Ink vs. Petroleum-Based Ink for Eco-Friendly Business Cards

You have options when it comes to the ink used in the printing of your business cards; there is the traditional petroleum-based ink, or there is soy ink. Soy ink is quickly becoming the go-to choice of environmentally friendly business people, since it does not contain hazardous substances, and therefore can produce eco-friendly business cards. […]


Elements Of Quality Business Cards

Quality business cards are an essential accessory in the professional world. To stand out and make a lasting impression, you must have the best cards. Traditional business cards are printed using an offset printing process.  A new trend in business card printing involves the use of UV gloss, which makes the card more sleek, clean […]


The Different Choices for Metal Business Cards

Business cards are essential in the professional community. They are the primary way of promoting your business and making contact with potential clients. Metal business cards are an exciting new option. All Business Cards now offers metal business cards in gold and silver coloring. These unique cards make a statement. This is a new and […]


How to Choose a Font For Your Business Cards

Choosing the right font for your business cards can be a tricky business. There are a number of factors to consider when beginning this process. Are the business cards for a personal venture, or your professional business card? You should always consider who your target audience is. Will the font appeal to them? Is it […]


The Personal Business Card

Those of you who took one look at the title can easily be forgiven for thinking it to be an oxymoron. “Business cards about me? Isn’t that the very antithesis of a business card?” Well, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The purpose of a business card is to drum up recognition, […]

Save Time with Custom Self Inking Stamps

We know: it’s a pain to write the same thing over and over again by hand. Business school gives you tips to draw in clients, manage employees well, and optimize marketing, but it can’t save you from the monotony of everyday tasks. You need special tools to expedite those. Whether you’re adding a return address […]

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