Seven Deadly Business Card Sins

October 16th, 2012 by admin

Just because business cards are everywhere doesn’t mean they should be everywhere. Here are seven things NOT to do with your business cards:

  1. Don’t be a social gaffer
    When offered a card, don’t immediately shove it in your pocket or wallet without looking at it. Take a moment to look it over and make a comment, like how cool the design is. Or ask a question about their social networking link.

    Even if you don’t plan to keep the card, it’s bad form to discard or fold it within eyesight of the giver.

  2. Don’t be pushy

Pushiness is rude. Take some time to make a personal connection with the other person, and feel for the right moment to offer your card, or ask for theirs. They’ll almost always reciprocate.

  1. Don’t be cheap
    When it comes to making a good impression, your business card is no place to skimp. Invest in heavier, more durable paper stock. Instead of using generic clip art, pay extra for an artist to design a unique logo – it’s not as expensive as you might think. Adding a glossy finish will add that extra polish to a colorful card, plus make them easier to handle.
  2. Don’t give your clients wrinkles
    Use a clean font that’s large enough for most people to read. Make the graphic simple enough to be recognizable in a small format. White space is your friend – cut the clutter and give useful info room to breathe.
  3. Don’t be cheap, part 2
    If your email address or phone number has changed, don’t hand out cards with old information scratched out and new info scribbled in. Get a fresh batch printed.
  4. Don’t be annoying
    In some industries, oversized, folded or uniquely shaped business cards are an eye-catching asset. In others, it’s simply annoying, as they usually won’t fit in standard cardholders. Know when to bust a creative move, and when to keep it traditional.

No dashes – period
Use a white space or a period where you’d normally use a dash in a phone number. It’s easier for a client to read.

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