Business Card Aesthetics: Why a rush job at the local copy shop can leave your company looking poor

There are many options you can take when you're looking for a new batch of business cards, many of which will cost a fair amount of money while bringing you minimal value in return. Sure, there are bells and whistles that can blow out your budget for no good reason, but those who have been around the block a few times with business cards will tell you that what is most important is not what you do buy, but what you don't.

A cheap looking, poorly constructed business card can leave your business looking cheap from the first glance, losing you far more money down the line than you might spend on the cards themselves.

Let's put a hypothetical situation out there: You're at a business conference and a potential client is talking to a group of vendors, including yourself. When the conversation ends, you each hand this individual your business card. The person to your left hands out a business card with raised text, a full color background and a thick card stock. The person on your right hands them a business card with a metallic cardstock, which catches the client's eye immediately, causing him to mutter, "Ooh, that's flashy."

And then there's YOUR card; a thin piece of poorly cut cardboard with black text laser-printed on a plain white background. hmm, who do you think the client is going to do business with? You, with your cut-price photocopy, or the other guys, who have a professional business card with an abundance of style?

The fact is, you can certainly save a little money by taking the cheapest options available, and yeah, a cheap card is better than no card at all, but think about the image you're presenting to the people you give your card to. Are you trying to introduce yourself as a professional, experienced individual who is at the peak of your industry, or are you happy for this person to think "well, this guy clearly doesn't spend much money on his business."

Of course, spending TOO much on your business card is also foolish. To blow a thousand dollars on a graphic designer, printer and the cards themselves is simply overkill - you don't need to go to extremes when it comes to a business card, rather you just need to find a sensible middle ground. positions itself right in the thick of the middle ground. We allow you to create your own business card design - online - in just a matter of minutes, using our exclusive online business card design system. We print your design on top quality thick card stock, with raised print, full color background templates, a variety of fonts, and we can even deliver the finished product right to your door within 48 hours if you're rushed for time.

If you want something a little more extravagant, we offer metallic surfaces, fridge magnets, full-color stickers - or even one-color business cards if you're working on a budget.

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