Saving Money on Your Print Job

Printing can be an expensive business! If you've ever gone to an offline printing company and tried to get business cards or a letterhead printed, you've no doubt been amazed at how much a few pieces of cardboard or paper can cost.

Well, in the spirit of helping our customers keep their costs to an absolute minimum, please take a moment to read through our tips to save money on printing. Some of these tips are common sense, while others are a little more technical in nature, but all of them will help you do one thing well - save a fortune on your printing expenses.

Firstly, you obviously want to have your business cards printed in color, but how many colors exactly? Full color looks great, but it does cost more, and some businesses just don't need a full color card to stand out and look professional. If your logo is blue and white, then you often won't need more than two colors in your print job.

Second, save money when printing Rolodex cards for your clients by printing Rolodex sized sticker labels, which can be put on a blank card by the client themselves. A thousand Rolodex cards will cost a lot more than a thousand stickers, because the stock is thicker and they need to be cut out with a specific design.

Next, if you don't have a specific logo that needs to be handled by a printer and prepared for the print run on film, why even bother going to an offline printer in the first place? Websites like ours here at prepare your business card print run overnight, based on the online design template that you submit to us in minutes. Pick your own background, write your own text, and use our templates to ensure the final product will look just how you want it to. Our 48 hour turnaround time is the kind of thing you just don't find elsewhere.

Print more, save more. You may only think you need 50 or 100 cards right now, but think down the road some, when you run out of cards and need to panic buy, paying setup costs and delivery once more, driving the price up unnecessarily. Doesn't it make sense to bulk buy now, save money on postage and setup expenses, and get a discount for the extra cards?

Local printers cost more! Think about it. They have overhead costs - rental of their building, payment to their staff, advertising, ink and stock costs. An online printer has far less in the way of overheads, and is used to delivering printing products to all parts of the country - fast. The fact that an online print company has to spend money getting bad print jobs sent back to them and replaced means they're a lot less likely to spoil a job than your local guy is too.

Don't wimp out on card stock! A thin cardboard card will fold and crease in your wallet, not to mention feel cheap in the hands of a client. The difference between awful stock and quality stock isn't a lot, pricewise, and that's why we here at only use the best cardstock for our business cards. It just looks, feels and wears better.

Film is forever - when you're getting your printing done at a local print house, they'll often put your card design to film. This reduces your setup costs if you need a new run, but if your details change, for example a phone number, or a job title, that film might as well get thrown out there and then, because you're going to be paying for a new one. On the other hand, online print companies do everything digitally, which means you can make alterations any time and pay no extra money.

Lastly - always have a business card handy. Nothing looks less professional than patting your pocket and saying, "Oh, I forgot to bring mine. I can write my number down for you, if you like."