Why Metallic Business Cards?

Different business card techniques have been a long time coming. In fact, gone are the days when a business card was a single color, single font and on card stock one size up from paper - nowadays you can get business cards on magnets, stickers, Rolodex cards, CD-roms, and even metallic surfaces.

While you might never have seen a metallic business card before, they're quickly becoming more and more common, for a variety of reasons. First of all, they look sensational. The shine and sheen of the clean metallic surface leaves regular old cardboard for dead. Generally you can choose from several different metallic looks, such as gold or silver, and the effect can be quite stunning. So much so that people rarely throw metallic cards away. In fact, as inexpensive as metallic cards are to print, they give the impression that they're a far more expensive item to the client that receives them.

While the metallic cards look spectacular, you may well be concerned that the edges are sharp or uncomfortable, but that's far from the case. In fact, the edges are smoothed and rounded to ensure that they're never a danger to the person giving or receiving them.

They're printed using an anodizing process that ensures the dye used on them stays fast, never fades, and can even be wiped clean of stains! In fact, AllBusinessCards.com guarantees our metallic cards to be stain, scratch and fade resistant, ensuring that they remain a great investment regardless of whether you give them out today, or in three years time.

While metallic cards don't lend themselves to full color printing, they do come with black, blue or red lettering, which can look more than effective, and combines with the metal to look very striking and professional.

Lastly, metallic cards are nowhere near as expensive as you might think. Considering the effect they have on the person receiving them, this makes them a bold but not extravagant choice, guaranteed to have your company remembered by all who see it.

Try out our free online design template system and see how your name would look printed on metal, instead of cardboard. Be original! Be bold! Be memorable in metal!