Advertise Green with Color Business Cards

September 1st, 2011 by Ryan

Modern color business cards allow you to market your business in any color imaginable, but the most effective these days is green. Even in the Deep South, people are starting to realize their effect on the environment. They might not be selling their gas-guzzling trucks, but fewer people see recycling as worthless, or sustainable living as hippie nonsense. The BP spill, if nothing else, shook a lot of people back into reality, and they’re now choosing businesses based on environmental impact more than ever before.


You don’t have to be a wind energy farm or electric car manufacturer to help the environment. Small changes are effective too: switching to fluorescent light bulbs in the office, setting up a recycling bin, and having a company picnic to plant a tree on Earth Day all help the earth. Just that awareness and mentality will be refreshing to a lot of potential customers. As more news reports surface of factory pollution and executives leaving gigantic carbon footprints with their personal jets, people like to see that some businesses still care for our planet. If you do in any way, mention that on your business card: with a recycling symbol or tagline about bettering the earth.


Anything counts. We at All Business Cards are doing our part by printing with soy based ink. Any reduction in toxins, any effort to reduce waste matters in the long run, and customers want to know. So if your company does anything to help the planet, make sure green is prominently advertised on your color business cards.

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