Consider Postcards As Business Cards

September 27th, 2011 by Ryan

You share your name and contact information with business cards, but there’s a more effective way to market yourself: postcards. Snail mail has seen a steady decline since the advent of e-mail, but letter campaigns remain effective marketing tools. Everyone loves getting mail, especially if it’s in any way personalized. You pass your name out at conferences and in business meetings, but using postcards as creative business cards creates a more lasting memory. Letters can evoke a similar effect, but we think postcards are preferable for a number of reasons.


  1. Market from the start. People usually have to open letters to see your logo and information, but like with standard business cards, it’s blazoned on the front of a postcard. Even people who throw out junk mail immediately will read a postcard before they toss it; they really have no choice, since it’s right there! That irresistible marketing works as the best advertising anyone can hope for.
  2. Personalized creative business cards. When you pass out your card, you can scribble a few words on it, but for the most part, it’s inescapably standard. Your hand will cramp if you try to write a letter to each recipient of your postcards, but you can jot down a few words, personal to each customer or potential client. It doesn’t have to be substantial: tell them you enjoyed meeting at a recent seminar, that you hope business is going well, etc. That customization will have an incredible impact when people pull your postcard out of their mailbox.
  3. Bigger opportunities. Modern business cards come in many shapes and sizes, but you’re still constrained by limited space. A postcard is expansive, so an image covering the front will evoke a more powerful feeling than the same picture condensed on a small card. That size allows you to get more creative with your marketing imagery, which can be the main selling point at attracting new customers.
  4. Easy work. At All Business Cards, we realize our clients are busy folks, so we’ve created a service to print and send out your postcards for you; just contact us for additional information. But even if you’re actually mailing them yourself, postcards are a breeze to send out. There’s no folding, no envelope stuffing or licking, no return address needed. Since they’re all the same, you can get through a big stack in a single morning: write a quick-sentence note, copy a client’s address, and apply postage. They require about as much effort as passing out your business cards at a trade show.
  5. Huge savings. Using postcards as creative business cards isn’t expensive. When you order in bulk (which you should, to reach out to all of your past and potential clients), the cost is pretty negligible. Better, though, are shipping rates. Even if you don’t use bulk postal discounts, postcards are only 29 cents to send, even first class. That means they’ll usually arrive sooner than any standard letter and at a fraction of the cost. If you need to get some news out immediately, or if you just want to reach out to potential customers immediately after meeting them, postcards as business cards are possibly the most cost-effective method available.

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