Design Your Own Business Cards Online, and Make It about You

November 20th, 2011 by Ryan

You can be the sole proprietor of your business or one of two thousand sales reps, and it won’t matter: your business card represents you more than any company. Business today is all about networking. The Occupy Every City crowd knows how difficult the job market is. Their degrees and past experience don’t mean as much as connections, and your company and logo don’t mean as much to a stranger as you do. Passing out business cards remains key to successful networking, but when contacts actually call you, it’s rarely because they saw your company name; it’s because they were impressed with you. When you design your own business cards online, you have to make it personal, because you’re the sole reason potential clients will contact you.


Engineers and IT techs don’t see the sun too often, so they get hired mainly for their skill sets. But employees who face customers and clients day after day are carefully selected to represent their company flawlessly. Every visible worker bears the weight of a company’s reputation, because if someone has one bad customer service experience, they dismiss the whole corporation. That’s a significant amount of responsibility, and it must be remembered when you design your own business cards online. All of the values and ambitions of your business have to be reflected in your cards, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should just be a corporate clone. You know your strengths, your talents, and hiding those behind a corporate name will impede you and your company.


Never feel constrained by titles and rigid tradition when you design your own business cards online. Unless you’re CEO of a large company, a title doesn’t mean that much, and it definitely doesn’t communicate your skills. Be more creative with what you put on your business cards. Instead of “architect,” call yourself a creator of skyscrapers. Things like “assistant manager” don’t impress anyone, so note your expertise instead. In the office and under other managers, you might be constrained by procedures and bureaucracy, but whatever you include in your business cards is personal, unique, and all about you. It should be a little fun to design your own business cards online.


We’ve said on here before, a business card is an extension of yourself. A torn or bent card wrecks any chance of appearing professional, but worse: any out of date information will characterize you as unreliable and disorganized. It’s estimated that 40% of all people with business cards have incorrect information on them. Whether that means e-mail addresses have changed, businesses recently moved, or phone numbers were disconnected, it tells potential clients that you’re not on top of things—and, therefore, are not a businessperson they can trust. Your company’s name and reputation won’t mean anything if people think you, its employee, aren’t dependable. So even if you have a couple hundred business cards unused, if they contain even one piece of outdated information, it’s time to design your own business cards online again. Tossing a hundred cards into the recycling bin might seem like a waste, but better that than waste a networking opportunity by coming across as a bad businessman.

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  1. June 01, 2012 at 11:56 am, Business Card Design said:

    The best ideas when it comes to creating business cards that last and won’t get thrown away are bookmarks, magnets, odd shapes and measurements, or calendars.


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