Quality Business Cards Prove You’re Legitimate

November 17th, 2011 by Ryan

Some surveys have found that only 10% of people in the business world have their own business card. That doesn’t reveal changing times as much as it casts a bleak perspective on modern professionals. With so many start ups, entrepreneurs, and career daydreamers, too many people today in the business world don’t focus enough on legitimizing their job at hand. It’s true that everyone has a cell phone and can swap information quickly, but having quality business cards really validates your professionalism.


Anyone with fifty dollars and a company name can create and register their own business. Lawn care specialists, freelance writers, and wedding photographers are a dime a dozen. If people have a lawnmower, camera, or rudimentary knowledge of the English language, they can declare themselves professionals. Some of them might have a lot of talent, but none of them will stand out in the crowd unless they have something that proves their professionals. Quality business cards do that.


They’re not just about marketing, sharing contact information, or displaying a logo. True quality business cards serve as proof that a business is real, and that a businessperson is serious. Especially in this economy, industries have filled up with hobbyists: “carpenters” who built a backyard shed ten years ago, “editors” who worked for a college newspaper and read over their children’s high school essays. Portfolios reveal the quality (and presence) of past work, but having a business card is a critical first step. Bulk printing costs less than registering a business, and the payoff of establishing authenticity is huge.

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  1. November 30, 2011 at 10:05 am, Yanoroy said:

    Good post, but i think that if talk about quality you should talk about embossed business cards witch i think have a lot of uniqe quality…


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