Staying Power with Magnetic Business Cards

March 5th, 2012 by admin

A business card will bring you success if you can ensure that it is seen often. However, cards are all too often stashed in a drawer or hidden in a wallet.  For the highest chance of visibility, consider our magnetic business cards that adhere readily to any metal surface. Attached to a refrigerator, they will be seen dozens of times each week. They are the only practical choice for workshops where choice viewing space is at a premium. Placed on a toolbox, metal cabinet door, machinery or other applicable surface, they are always ready when your customers need to reach you right away.

With a full back magnetic sheet for maximum adhesion, our cards stay where you want them instead of falling off or sliding around.  Super thick 17-point magnetic card stock guarantees a quality card that will last even in active work areas.  Colors stand out with crystal clarity, thanks to our superior UV gloss, which is always a free bonus with your order. Your magnetic business cards can be seen easily from across a room or shop for an instant reminder of whom to call when services are needed or whom to recommend to a business associate.

With our do-it-yourself technology, you can custom design your cards online and preview the final product before you spend a penny. There is no need to pay expensive design fees, waste valuable time with a printer or wait weeks for your cards either.  We offer the lowest prices, fastest turnaround time and thousands of design templates all at your fingertips around the clock.  Have it your way with the ability to upload custom artwork or logos whenever you are ready to get started.

Magnetic business cards are the smart choice for staying power when you want your contact information to last and be seen time and again. Deep, rich colors in every hue guarantee the look you want and the attention you need to increase your business activity. In today’s competitive market it pays to have a classic, quality business card that can outlast and outshine the rest. Plan your new look now with options that will save you time and money as never before.

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  1. April 08, 2012 at 11:32 am, Business cards said:

    Photo business cards can raise a company’s sales and get immense exposure because these cards leave an everlasting impression on your potential clients


  2. July 09, 2012 at 5:31 am, cheap business cards uk said:

    This is a great way to achieve more clients because the main
    purpose of a business card is to last and be seen. I wonder how much it will
    cost a person to have a bulk of magnetic business cards.


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