The Different Choices for Metal Business Cards

January 16th, 2012 by admin

Business cards are essential in the professional community. They are the primary way of promoting your business and making contact with potential clients. Metal business cards are an exciting new option. All Business Cards now offers metal business cards in gold and silver coloring. These unique cards make a statement. This is a new and original way to make a dramatic, lasting first impression. Your client will be impressed with the detail, thought and precision put into making your metal business cards.

These cards are not very common yet. A great way to ensure that a client remembers you is to supply them with one of your metal business cards. Catchy in gold and silver, these high-class cards convey a sense of professionalism, which will be attractive to your patrons. In addition to the choice of base metal, you also have the ability to choose between a number of fonts, and the colors black, blue, green, red and turquoise to find the perfect fit for your business.

These metal business cards receive a protective coating that makes them scratchproof and fade-resistant. They are printed using a unique anodizing process. The corners have been rounded and dulled, giving you a safe, functional and memorable business card. These cards are perfect to give to a client who needs to regularly contact you. The ink will not run if water gets on it, and the card will not rip in half, get crumpled up, or fade. Conveniently, our metal business cards are the same dimensions as conventional paper business cards.

Paper business cards are easily ruined, and because of that, are sometimes lost or thrown away without a second thought. Metal business cards are aesthetically pleasing and different; they are so novel that the person receiving it will make it a point to keep it. This is good not only for you and your business, but for the environment as well, since it eliminates paper waste. The cards may initially be more expensive than paper business cards, but it’ll pay off in the long run because of the long lasting impression that metal cards will make on everyone that receives one.

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